7 Spectacular and Dangerous Mountain Passes

Have you been wondering what are the most spectacular and dangerous mountain passes in the world?
Dangerous mountain passages are high places passes with no barriers a lot of meanderings which is causing a life-threatening to human or animals

This is the most amazing and dangerous passes in the globe

• Yungas road
• Patiopoulo perdikaki road
• Guoliang tunnel road
• Stelvio pass
• Trollstigen
• Sea to Sky highway
• Col de Turini

Yungas road

Yungas road is also known as the death road and it is the most dangerous and risky road in the world
The death road is located in the Andean mountains in South America

The Yungas north road comes from Bolivia legislative capital of La Paz to the beautiful scenery Corioco.
The nickname death road was named that because there are more deaths per mile more than any other road in the universe,
There are no guard rails or any kind of barrier to block the vehicle or anything from free fall as seen in this video a narrow road of death to accommodate only one vehicle

Patiopoulo perdikaki road

This road is located in Greece and not far from whitewashed buildings, near the vibrant beautiful blue waters of coast lies the Agrafa mountain of central Greece
On the steep road, there is a dirt road which goes down to the villages of Patiopoulo to Perdikaki
This dangerous road is very poor road and it has many potholes and to make the matter more worrying there are no guardrails making the road narrow and terrifying as seen in this video

Guoliang tunnel road

This was a tunnel made by a group of people from the Guoliang village in China Henan province
The citizens carved a tunnel into the other side of Taihang mountains

There were many people who died during this time of this dangerous and slavery construction.it was used by the remaining villagers to go outside since they lived in an isolated area.
It is marked dangerous because it does not tolerate any kind of mistake
The tunnel is sandwiched between two cliffs above and a very steep drop or a straight dropped cliff below that are seen through the windows of the tunnel
As seen in this video

Stelvio pass

This together with ski resort was renowned by the Italian Alps.
On the google online maps, it looks as someone made a strengthens scribbles across the screen where this Stelvio pass lies
This is protected with guardrails but seriousness and concentration is required on this road
speeding thrillers make this road more dangerous.

Col de Turini

It is located off near France across a nice dramatic and beautiful stretch in France
It has been used a stage of the Monte Carlo Rally and it has been featured in top Gears
This road is a steep paved road in the French Alps with almost a number of dozens hairpin turns and it has sectional guard rails
This road is the most dangerous road during the winter ice and snow might going over the guardrails


The road is stretched from the Norwegian national 63 and between the town of Andalasnes and its shores Rauma river.
The road is popular and it is a site of a tourist attraction for motorbikes and motorhomes who are making their way to ladder a steep incline of the adrenaline and 11 hairpins turns
Tourist like to enjoy the beautiful Stigfossen waterfall from the balcony at the top

Sea to Sky Highway

This a road located in Canada
The Canadian roads are world class roads which are highly maintained and safest roads but there are also dangers which are faced
This road has passed near a beautiful coast mountain

There have been reported a massive claimed crashes of 1500 and huge numbers of rockslides in the year 2008 the rocks blocked the road for four days before clearing them
The highway moves from Vancouver to Pemberton

Recently the road has been reduced of very sharp comers making this highway 99 safer
As seen in this video

This is the most dangerous mountain passes in the world which are more fun and places you can pay a visit to enjoy the seeing this spectacular places and live to tell a tale of this mountain passages with your friends and your loved ones